Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are responsible for our overall management and supervision. Our Executive Directors are responsible for our day-to-day management under the supervision, direction and control of our Board of Directors.
KSK Energy Ventures Limited currently consists of Four (4) Directors, which includes Three (3) Non-executive Directors of whom Two (2) are a independent directors

Mr. N.S. Ramachandran
Non-Executive Director

Mr. Ramachandran, 67, has a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Madurai University and is a Chartered Accountant and has approximately 42 years of experience in the field of finance. He worked with Indian Oil Corporation, General Electric Company Limited, IBP Company Limited, Hindustan Zinc Limited, Andhra Pradesh Gas Power Corporation Limited and PT Ispat Indo, Indonesia.

Ms. Alankrita Soni
Non-Executive Director

Ms. Alankrita Soni is an Environmental Architect with post-graduation degree in Masters of The Built Environment (Sustainable Development) from The University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia. She has been working in the field of sustainable habitat for over 10 years. She has undertaken extensive research on issues related to green building & infrastructure design (multi-story residential/ commercial/ hospitality & mixed use buildings), sustainability issues in developing countries, international agreements and national commitments to sustainable development and how this knowledge can be applied to policy planning, implementation and management problems, environmental impact assessment, environment management, climate change, healthy built environment design, urban transportation and mobility, energy efficiency & integration of renewable in built infrastructure, sustainable materials & technologies, role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for environmental protection in built environment etc.

Mr. K. Bapiraju
Non-Executive Director

He is an engineer with a degree in Electronics & Communications with more than two decades of experience in the IT industry. He is positioned in Delhi and leads the Corporate Affairs group and is also actively involved in formulating corporate strategy.

Mr. S. Kishore
Executive Director

Mr. Kishore is one of the Promoters of the Company. Mr. Kishore is a qualified chartered accountant, leads the Business Development & Capital formation (both Equity and Debt) initiatives of the Group and has been instrumental along with Mr. Sastry in the rapid growth of KSK over the last decade. Prior to incorporating KSK, Mr. Kishore was a financial advisor & consultant for major domestic as well as international businesses in emerging technology areas and importantly has advised multiple energy companies/ utilities/ market entrants since early nineties. Mr. Kishore has been additionally associated with various reforms and regulatory initiatives of the Government and has served in various committees.

The business address for our Board of Directors is
8-2-293/82/A/431/A, Road No.22,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 033,
Andhra Pradesh, India.

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